Video Gallery

The ETi video gallery exemplifies a range of our projects. Our videos include time lapses and overviews of sorters, picking and sorting systems, labeling systems, rack installations, and more. To receive updates on more recent projects, please subscribe to our YouTube channel.

High-Speed Narrow Belt Sorter

A time lapse video of ETi's install of a high-speed narrow belt sorter for one of our partners.

Rack Installation

ETi worked with vendor partners to obtain ship date commitments, managed a larger installation crew, and agreed on a new, updated delivery date. We met the commitments and we turned over the system several weeks early while remaining on budget.

Picking, Packing, and Shipping Automation

ETi helped BlueStar further automate its picking, packing, and shipping processes to grow shipping capacity and maximize staff efficiency.

Unique Automated Sortation System

ETi installed an automated sortation system for one of our partners. We partnered with Shutterfly to implement two unique sorting systems without disrupting daily operations.

Picking and Sortation System Implementation

A customer wanted to improve the capacity and throughput of their parts distribution center. ETi implemented a carousel system for faster batch picking and a new high speed sorter system for quicker delivery of totes to shipping.

Shipping Sorter Upgrade

ETi designed and installed a high-capacity narrow-belt sorter system for one of our customers. The new sorter was installed onto a dedicated support structure above the dock doors with gravity spiral downlanes. This scan technology included a five-sided scan tunnel with software to control the entire system. The design also accounted for an incoming merge from a potential future case-pick module.