SPiDER™ WCS optimizes your warehouse functionality.

SPiDER™ provides clean, intuitive user interactions for effective system activity display, data sharing, and reporting.

SPiDER™ Warehouse Control System

The SPiDER™ Warehouse Control System utilizes intuitive interfaces and clean, user-friendly layouts to optimize warehouse functionality. This non-proprietary suite of services and applications assists material handling and conveyance systems by providing user interactions for system activity display, data sharing, and reporting. SPiDER™ efficiently manages and directs information and material flow between the Warehouse Management System and the material handling equipment as a central point of interface.

Etienne Puckett in warehouse testing SPiDER WCS with conveyors and automated storage in background

Interface Functions

• System Controls
• Conveyor Status
• System Throughput and Faults Monitoring
• Carton Routing
• Shipping Assignments
• Sortation Confirmation
• Container Status
• Dashboards
• Picking
• Packing
• Print and Apply
• Check Weight
• QC Functionality
• Goods to Persons
• Robots
• Palletizing

Benefits of SPiDER™

• Provides custom system solutions
• User-friendly and intuitive design with drag-and-drop interface and drop-down menus
• No per-computer or per-seat licensing
• Low-cost solution
• Works on any Windows-based computer with server access
• Provides real-time display and tracking status throughout the distribution system
• Detailed reporting for warehouse management and to monitor system performance
• Flexible, unlimited types of interfaces such as TCP / IP sockets, shared tables, and FTP file exchange
• Expandable modules for additional services and applications
• Control entire system with Start / Stop / Reset, reducing quantity of physical stations, switches, or complex HMIs
• Restricted access levels based on User Rights
• Visually accessible system status and activity
• Accessible log files
• Non-proprietary software
• No annual fees

Intuitive, Smart, Cost Effective

Contact your ETi representative to learn more about how our SPiDER™ WCS can work for you.

example of SPiDER WCS Scanner Stats screen showing stat charts and other data groups