Rendering Gallery

The ETi rendering gallery includes 3-D renderings, drawings, and photos as a sampling of our Smart Systems Solutions™ at different stages in the process.

ETi Material Handling Integrators Rendering Gallery - Electrolux carousel system for sorting, blue totes on sorting conveyor between two carousels


Electrolux wanted to improve the capacity and throughput of their parts distribution center. ETi implemented a carousel system for faster batch picking and a new high speed sorter system for quicker delivery of totes to shipping.

ETi Material Handling Integrators Rendering Gallery - Forward Air Solutions customized automated sortation system, boxes on elevated sortation conveyor in warehouse

Forward Air Solutions

ETi partnered with Forward Air Solutions engineering and IT to develop a customized automated sortation solution based on system objectives and constraints. As a result, Forward Air has achieved a significant handling cost reduction.

ETi Material Handling Integrators Rendering Gallery - BlueStar automated picking, packing, and storage system, multi-level mezzanine with conveyors and spiral conveyor in warehouse


ETi install at Bluestar further automated their picking, packing and shipping processes in order to grow their shipping capacity and maximize staff efficiency.

ETi Material Handling Integrators Rendering Gallery - Rotary automated fulfillment system, sortation scanners sorting boxes on conveyors in warehouse, storage system in background

Rotary Corporation

Rotary Corporation now achieves 99.6% order accuracy while providing same day shipping. The automated fulfillment system has resulted in a 25% reduction in picking hours, setting new monthly and daily records.

ETi Material Handling Integrators - Image of picking machine zones in warehouse for Medical Diagnostics project rendering

Medical Diagnostics

ETi worked with a global medical diagnostics company to automate device storage for a specific incubation period during the manufacturing process.

The ETi Smart Systems Solutions included an Automated Storage/Retrieval System with automated conveyance from clean to cooler room, and for discharge into a warehouse for pick-up. The provided software system monitored controlled access and itemized historical log reports.

ETi Material Handling Integrators Case Studies - Storage racking system for Designer Eyes full of blue totes with bar codes

Designer Eyes

Designer Eyes increased storage capacity and SKU pick locations by 100% in the same physical space and doubled production capacity.