Case Studies

The ETi case studies were developed to demonstrate how we help our customers achieve their goals.
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Case Studies - Rocky Brands storage system, blue and yellow racking in warehouse

Rocky Brands

Distribution and Fulfillment for Retail and eCommerce

ETi partnered with Rocky Brands to deliver a system that expanded storage capacity, improved throughput, and reduced labor requirements. The solution was concepted through identifying constraints, significantly improving pick rates, and reducing handling of product prior to induction.

Case Studies - Shutterfly blue and white sorting system in warehouse


Distribution and Fulfillment for Retail and eCommerce

ETi partnered with Shutterfly to implement two unique sorting systems without disrupting daily operations. Shutterfly has set shipping speed and volume records with a lower headcount in the two peak seasons since the original installation.

Case Studies - Blue Horseshoe and Regis high-speed shoe sorter, conveyor with sorter and shipping zones in warehouse

Regis Corporation

Distribution and Fulfillment for Retail and eCommerce

ETi partnered with Blue Horseshoe to create a solution that combined new equipment, improved process flows, and increased overall capacity and reliability.

Case Studies - Sports Warehouse conveyor sortation system moving cardboard boxes

Sports Warehouse

Distribution and Fulfillment Operations

ETi designed a conveyor layout and implemented a new WCS and vertical pallet racking storage. Sports Warehouse now runs a highly efficient eCommerce fulfillment center with improved accuracy and shipping times as a result of ETi Smart Systems Solutions™.

Case Studies - Forward Air automated sortation system, package scanner and sorter in warehouse

Forward Air Solutions

Last-Mile Handling and Distribution Automated Sortation System

ETi partnered with Forward Air Solutions engineering and IT to develop a customized automated sortation solution based on system objectives and constraints. As a result, Forward Air has achieved a significant handling cost reduction.

Case Studies - Storage racking system for Designer Eyes full of blue totes with bar codes

Designer Eyes

Distribution and Fulfillment for Retail & eCommerce

ETi Smart Systems Solutions™ included a more efficient layout, picking automation, and a new dock door with a large lift table. As a result, Designer Eyes increased storage capacity and SKU pick locations by 100% in the same physical space and doubled production capacity.

CS - Rotary Distribution conveyor system leading to storage racking in warehouse

Rotary Distribution

Distribution and Fulfillment Operations Expansion

Rotary Corporation now achieves 99.6% order accuracy while providing same-day shipping. The automated fulfillment system has resulted in a 25% reduction in picking hours, setting new monthly and daily records.

Case Study: Rotary Distribution & Fulfillment with Print & Apply Automation - image of label roller for conveyor labeling system for packages

Rotary Print and Apply

Distribution and Fulfillment with Print & Apply Automation

Rotary Corporation's implementation of a new Print and Apply system allowed for the relocation of employees to another team, an increase of throughput by more than 15%, and triple the amount of information captured and printed on labels.

Case Studies - Inside of Booster's distribution warehouse with two conveyor scanners leading to garage doors and storage in background

Booster Distribution

Distribution and Fulfillment Operations Improvement

ETi worked with Booster to automate their distribution
center. Implementation of a new WMS and WCS led to
more accurate and efficient order fulfillment, resulting
in improved customer satisfaction.

Case Studies - Modular office space on lifted mezzanine over warehouse floor

Client Distribution Center

Modular Office Space

ETi used Smart System Solutions™ to expand and optimize warehouse office space by repurposing an unused platform. ETi’s design incorporated the existing structure, which allowed a quick turn-around while remaining operational.