ETi Material Handling Integrators Case Studies - Sports Warehouse conveyor sortation system moving cardboard boxes

Distribution and Fulfillment Operations for Sports Warehouse

Case Study Overview:

ETi collaborated with Sports Warehouse, a prominent sports equipment distributor, to transform their distribution center into a highly efficient eCommerce fulfillment hub. By leveraging ETi’s Smart Systems Solutions™, Sports Warehouse achieved improved order accuracy, faster shipping times, and enhanced operational efficiency.

Client Background:

Sports Warehouse, a leading sports equipment distributor, wanted to optimize their distribution center. They faced challenges related to space constraints and lack of efficiency in their picking and put-away processes. Sports Warehouse turned to ETi for a solution that would streamline operations and increased order accuracy.

Key Findings from On-site Assessment:

Project Location: Alpharetta, GA

ETi recognized that the existing space had the potential for vertical expansion to maximize storage availability. However, the existing platform lacked the required headroom for expansion. This issue required a strategic approach to space utilization. The assessment also revealed the need for improved efficiency in picking and put-away processes, enhanced order accuracy, inventory tracking capabilities, and faster shipping times.

Smart Systems Solutions Approach:

  1. Efficient Conveyor Layout: ETi designed and implemented an optimized conveyor layout for efficient put-away and shipping processes. This streamlined the movement of goods, which minimized manual handling and improved overall operational efficiency.
  2. Warehouse Control System: ETi implemented a new WCS that integrated seamlessly with Sports Warehouse’s existing WMS. The WCS enabled real-time data management, reporting, and tracking, enhancing overall visibility and inventory control.
  3. Vertical Pallet Racking Storage: ETi built vertical pallet racking storage within the limited available space, maximizing storage capacity and efficiency. This allowed Sports Warehouse to effectively utilize vertical space while optimizing accessibility and organization.
  4. Future Expansion Options: ETi provided Sports Warehouse with future expansion options, including the potential for a second-floor platform. This forward-thinking approach ensured scalability and accommodated future growth.

System Installation & Implementation:

ETi successfully completed the installation and implementation within a nine-month timeframe while ensuring uninterrupted operations.

Results and Benefits:

ETi solutions transformed Sports Warehouse’s distribution center into a highly efficient eCommerce fulfillment hub. Through optimized conveyor layouts, the implementation of a new WCS, and vertical pallet racking storage, Sports Warehouse experienced improved efficiency, order accuracy, and faster shipping times. For material handling businesses seeking tailored solutions, improved efficiency, and space optimization, ETi provides comprehensive ways to achieve operational excellence and elevate customer satisfaction.


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