Distribution and Fulfillment for Retail and eCommerce for Regis Corporation

Case Study Overview:

Regis operates two distribution centers to serve their company-owned salons and franchisees. Regis experienced issues with outdated technology and inefficient sortation equipment, and partnered with Blue Horseshoe and ETi to improve their supply chain operations. The collaboration between ETi and Blue Horseshoe optimized Regis’s warehouse processes, resulting in increased capacity, improved throughput, and enhanced reliability.

Client Background:

Regis Corporation is a global leader in beauty salons and cosmetology education. Their distribution centers supply salons with retail merchandise and salon products. Regis recognized the need to optimize their their warehouse operations in order to increase efficiency, expand eCommerce channels, and improve customer service.

Key Challenges:

Blue Horseshoe‘s supply chain analysis identified several challenges within Regis’ warehouse operations. These obstacles included outdated technology with limited access to replacement parts, system downtime due to maintenance challenges, and suboptimal sorter location in relation to dock doors. Regis acknowledged the importance of replacing the material handling equipment to optimize processes and improve fill rates. However, they were also concerned about potential disruptions to their day-to-day operations.

Solutions Approach:

Blue Horseshoe and ETi analyzed the entire supply chain operation and developed a solution based on business goals. We created a pragmatic and comprehensive supply chain roadmap that encompassed warehouse operations, automation, technology, and material handling equipment. The solutions enhanced capacity, increased throughput, and improved system reliability.

System Installation & Implementation:

Blue Horseshoe partnered with ETi to implement the new high-speed shoe sorter solution for Regis. Together, we developed a detailed project plan, including a comprehensive budget, implementation timeline, and contingency measures. The solution involved hardware and software enhancements, process flow improvements, and capacity expansion options for future scalability. The project was completed in six months, with minimal downtime and disruption to warehouse operations.

Results and Benefits:

The collaboration between ETi and Blue Horseshoe successfully transformed Regis’s supply chain operations, optimizing warehouse processes and delivering substantial improvements. Through the implementation of new material handling equipment, Regis experienced a 30% increase in capacity and throughput, as well as enhanced reliability and streamlined operations. This case study exemplifies the value of strategic partnerships and tailored solutions in achieving operational excellence and supporting business growth.


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