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8 Insights for Optimizing Your DC for eCommerce Fulfillment


In the dynamic landscape of eCommerce, direct-to-consumer (DTC) fulfillment has become a vital component of many operations. With the surge in online shopping and increased customer expectations for swift order fulfillment, the role of distribution centers has significantly evolved. As eCommerce orders continue to rise, the pressure on fulfillment centers to deliver timely and accurate shipments is greater than ever. Businesses are adjusting to the surge in demand, and the need for innovative solutions and efficient and streamlined operations has taken center stage.

This ETi litepaper provides a comprehensive overview of how automation can be a game-changer in optimizing and streamlining your operations. We explore eight strategies that can help enhance efficiency across the fulfillment process, resulting in reduced costs and improved throughput.

Automation – Your Key to Efficiency:

Automation has emerged as a cornerstone of modern warehousing. By harnessing innovative technology, businesses can boost productivity and minimize dependency on manual labor. Our litepaper recommends ways automation can free your workforce from routine tasks, allowing them to focus on more critical operation aspects.

Streamlining Shipping, Picking, and Packing:

Efficient shipping, picking, and packaging are essential for successful eCommerce operations. This litepaper provides insights into how to optimize these areas for maximum efficiency. Learn about multi-order picking, smarter packaging, and goods-to-person technology for faster processing, saving costs, and happier customers.

Warehouse Management Software:

Managing your fulfillment center efficiently requires a robust Warehouse Management System (WMS). Learn about what to look for in a WMS, how it can integrate with automation, and its potential to enhance your entire operation. This tool can provide real-time insights, better inventory control, and improved decision-making capabilities.

Maximizing Cost Savings:

In the competitive eCommerce landscape, cost savings play a pivotal role in driving profitability. Learn how implementing automation, refining processes, and utilizing innovative strategies can directly impact your bottom line. From reducing labor costs to optimizing packaging materials, every aspect is explored for potential savings.


As businesses navigate the challenges and opportunities presented by the growing eCommerce sector, the importance of efficient fulfillment operations cannot be overstated. This ETi litepaper serves as a guide to help you navigate this landscape. We offer actionable insights and strategies to streamline your operations, reduce costs, and enhance customer satisfaction. Embrace automation, optimize your processes, and gear up for a future of efficient eCommerce fulfillment.

Read the full litepaper to learn more about what to ask and what to look for when searching for an integrator.

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