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How to Select the Right Material Handling Integrator


When it comes to distribution center design, throughput optimization, storage solutions, or automation implementation, finding the right integrator is essential. But how do you make that decision? It starts with asking the right questions. In this litepaper, we explore nine key questions to consider when choosing an integrator. We cover everything from project vision and experience to company culture alignment.

Defining Your Project Vision:

Select an integrator that has a comprehensive understanding of your project’s goals, objectives, and desired outcomes. A skilled integrator can be a valuable partner, offering fresh insights and identifying potential issues from the outset. Establishing clear project requirements is the key to finding an integrator who meets your specific needs.

Evaluating Experience and Expertise:

Experience plays an important role in the success of an integration project. Consider the integrator’s industry experience, track record, and familiarity with specific processes, equipment, and technologies. Explore their expertise in areas like robotic applications, fulfillment automation, and packaging automation to ensure they’ve got what it takes to handle your project.

Collaborating with Your Integrator:

Look for an integrator who is flexible and adaptable. They should be able to handle unexpected issues by effectively tracking, communicating, and resolving problems. Make sure they have the financial capability to handle material handling projects and offer pricing options that can adapt to your needs. Also, prioritize finding an integrator who aligns with your company’s work approach and communication style.


The questions in this litepaper serve as a starting point to help you assess potential integrators and make an informed decision. Choosing the right integrator is crucial for the success of your project. Finding a partner that understands your vision, has the necessary expertise, and aligns with your values can make all the difference.

Read the full litepaper to learn more about what to ask and what to look for when searching for an integrator.

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