ETi Material Handling Case Studies - Modular office space on lifted mezzanine over warehouse floor

Modular Office Space

Case Study Overview:

This case study highlights how ETi successfully utilized Smart System Solutions™ to expand and transform a client’s warehouse office space. Learn how we transformed an existing unused platform into a modular office, met strict deadlines, and provided a cost-effective solution tailored to the client’s needs.

Client Background:

The client specializes in specialty tires and wheels for industries including agriculture, construction, lawn and garden, and ATV markets. They wanted to create a new office space for their engineering team but had limited available space and needed a quick turnaround. ETi developed a solution that addressed their requirements while minimizing disruption to operations.

Key Findings from On-site Assessment:

Location: Georgia

During the on-site assessment, ETi identified an existing unused platform within the facility. Instead of removing the platform, which would have involved significant costs and downtime, ETi recognized the opportunity to repurpose the space for the new office. This finding laid the foundation for an innovative solution that leveraged the existing structure and met the client’s objectives.

Smart Systems Solutions Approach:

ETi proposed a modular office space design that optimally utilized the existing platform and staircase. This design ensured a seamless integration within the warehouse environment. By repurposing the platform, ETi effectively expanded the office space without the need for additional construction or disruptive modifications. This solution not only addressed the client’s immediate needs but also allowed for future growth and scalability.

System Installation & Implementation:

ETi completed the project in one week. Despite the tight deadline, the client’s operations remained operational throughout the installation process, minimizing any potential disruptions. ETi’s expertise in efficient installation methodologies ensured a seamless transition from the previous office space to the new modular solution.

Results and Benefits:

Through Smart System Solutions™, ETi successfully repurposed an unused platform and delivered a custom office space that aligned with the client’s objectives. By leveraging existing structures, the project was completed swiftly and without disruption, highlighting the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of this approach. For businesses seeking to maximize warehouse space while meeting operational needs, ETi’s Smart System Solutions™ offer a compelling solution that drives efficiency and enhances productivity.


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