• ETi Litepaper: Avoid Designing Shade Tree Automation System. Photo of several male teens in the 1970s using a chain hanging from a tree to lower an engine into a Dodge
    February 9, 2024 via The 70’s Flashback Page. https://t.ly/VHksF 10 Ways to Avoid Designing a Shade Tree Automation System Overview: Shade Tree Mechanic: Someone who works on cars as a hobby, typically outside of a repair shop. We’ve all seen them – the shade tree, amateur car builders who focus on a big motor, some rims, and a fresh coat
  • ETi litepaper: stacks of boxes and parcels in a warehouse. Brown boxes are being scanned and dimensionalized with green lasers
    5 Ways to Reduce Parcel Freight Cost Inside the Walls of Your DC Overview: In the realm of Distribution Centers (DCs), parcel freight cost often represents a significant portion of the budget, sometimes exceeding 60% of the total spend. While much attention is given to optimizing daily operations, tackling outbound shipping costs is essential for overall efficiency and profitability. Despite
  • Interior of large-scale warehouse with expansive blue and orange conveyor system. OPEX picking system on the left and storage system on the right.
    Optimizing Goods-to-Person Order Fulfillment: Picking, Sorting, Routing, and Shipping Case Study Overview: ETi, in collaboration with a consulting firm, developed a fully-integrated solution for our client. We incorporated a range of cutting-edge fulfillment technologies to enhance accuracy and productivity within a large-scale order fulfillment center. Client Background: Our client faced the challenge of consolidating multiple manual facilities into a single,
  • two-wide and three-wide pallet divert system. Boxes on a pallet divert in warehouse
    Enhancing System Throughput and Efficiency Case Study Overview: ETi revolutionized an existing conveyor system to increase throughput and reduced redundant operator handling. We also reprogrammed the system to seamlessly manage pallets and optimize efficiency. Client Background: A leading provider in appliance manufacturing sought to elevate its conveyor system’s performance without disrupting operations. ETi tailored solutions to address specific challenges and
  • ETi Fulfillment in a Box concept image for small piece picking for eCommerce. Interior of warehouse with automated conveyor system, light pick cells and storage, void fill station, and out bound shipping area.
    Fulfillment in a Box:Multi-Partner Integrated System Concepts with Real-World Benefits Small Piece Picking for eCommerce Overview: In the dynamic realm of eCommerce, efficiency is the name of the game. One innovative solution that’s making waves in the industry is small piece picking for eCommerce, a game-changer for businesses dealing with physically small products and a low SKU count. This piece
  • ETi case study image: orange FastFetch picking cart system with display screen and several levels for carton storage. Lights on each empty level are red.
    Light-Directed Cart Picking & Automated Takeaway System Case Study Overview: ETi, in collaboration with FastFetch, revolutionized logistics for a valued client in the health and wellness products industry. The mission was to increase accuracy, streamline operations, and reduce costs through the implementation of a cutting-edge light-directed cart picking system. Client Background: Our client, a prominent health and wellness products company, operates
  • ETi print and apply system. Boxes on conveyer being labeled for distribution
    8 Insights for Optimizing Your DC for eCommerce Fulfillment Overview: In the dynamic landscape of eCommerce, direct-to-consumer (DTC) fulfillment has become a vital component of many operations. With the surge in online shopping and increased customer expectations for swift order fulfillment, the role of distribution centers has significantly evolved. As eCommerce orders continue to rise, the pressure on fulfillment centers
  • ETi Fulfillment in a Box concept image for footwear and apparel. Interior of warehouse with automated conveyor system, labeling system, storage system, and picking system. Image also shows racking and pallets.
    Fulfillment in a Box:Multi-Partner Integrated System Concepts with Real-World Benefits Footwear & Apparel DTC Fulfillment Overview: In the world of Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) fulfillment, the quest for efficiency and cost-effectiveness is never-ending. This footwear and apparel Fulfillment in a Box idea is an innovative concept developed by four industry-leading companies: ETi, Hai Robotics, CMC, and IQpack. The core objective of this
  • ETi litepaper image: Blue and orange conveyor system next to racking system in warehouse. Picking and storage system in background
    9 Questions for Selecting the Right Material Handling Integrator Overview: When it comes to distribution center design, throughput optimization, storage solutions, or automation implementation, finding the right integrator is essential. But how do you make that decision? It starts with asking the right questions. In this litepaper, we explore nine key questions to consider when choosing an integrator. We cover