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ETi print and apply system. Boxes on conveyer being labeled for distribution

Optimize eCommerce Fulfillment

8 Insights for Optimizing Your DC for eCommerce Fulfillment Overview: In the dynamic landscape of eCommerce, direct-to-consumer (DTC) fulfillment has become a vital component of many operations. With the surge…

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ETi Fulfillment in a Box concept image for footwear and apparel. Interior of warehouse with automated conveyor system, labeling system, storage system, and picking system. Image also shows racking and pallets.

Footwear & Apparel DTC Fulfillment

Fulfillment in a Box: Multi-Partner Integrated System Concepts with Real-World Benefits Footwear & Apparel DTC Fulfillment Overview: In the world of Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) fulfillment, the quest for efficiency and cost-effectiveness…

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ETi litepaper image: Blue and orange conveyor system next to racking system in warehouse. Picking and storage system in background

Need an Integrator? 9 Key Questions

How to Select the Right Material Handling Integrator Overview: When it comes to distribution center design, throughput optimization, storage solutions, or automation implementation, finding the right integrator is essential. But…

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Case Studies - Rocky Brands storage system, blue and yellow racking system in warehouse

Rocky Brands Distribution

Distribution and Fulfillment for Retail and eCommerce: Rocky Brands Case Study Overview: Rocky Brands recognized the need to enhance their distribution center’s efficiency and overcome operational challenges. They struggled with…

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ETi Material Handling Integrators Case Studies - Shutterfly blue and white sorting system in warehouse

Shutterfly Shipping Fulfillment

Distribution and Fulfillment for Retail and eCommerce: Shutterfly Case Study Overview: ETi partnered with Shutterfly to implement two unique sorting systems, ensuring uninterrupted daily operations. This successful collaboration led to…

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Case Studies - Blue Horseshoe and Regis high-speed shoe sorter, conveyor with sorter and shipping zones in warehouse

Regis eCommerce Fulfilment

Distribution and Fulfillment for Retail and eCommerce for Regis Corporation Case Study Overview: Regis operates two distribution centers to serve their company-owned salons and franchisees. Regis experienced issues with outdated…

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ETi Material Handling Integrators Case Studies - Sports Warehouse conveyor sortation system moving cardboard boxes

Sports Warehouse Operations

Distribution and Fulfillment Operations for Sports Warehouse Case Study Overview: ETi collaborated with Sports Warehouse, a prominent sports equipment distributor, to transform their distribution center into a highly efficient eCommerce…

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ETi Material Handling Integrators Case Studies - Forward Air automated sortation system, package scanner and sorter in warehouse

Forward Air Sortation System

Last-Mile Handling and Distribution Automated Sortation System for Forward Air Solutions Case Study Overview: ETi partnered with Forward Air’s engineering and IT teams to develop a customized automated sortation solution…

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ETi Material Handling Case Studies - Modular office space on lifted mezzanine over warehouse floor

Modular Office for Distribution Center

Modular Office Space Case Study Overview: This case study highlights how ETi successfully utilized Smart System Solutions™ to expand and transform a client’s warehouse office space. Learn how we transformed…

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